Organic soup and quiche dispensers

will find our distributors of our soups and often our quiches in Brussels and Wallonia and in in the Flanders. Treat yourself to our range of soups : oranges, green, white, … and enjoy our magnificent quiches. We will select for you the most beautiful varieties of organic vegetables, en collaboration avec des producers to be able to offer you new compositions in time!

By choosing our soups Potagez!, you’ve already eaten at least 2 vegetables fees and bio. What’s more, our soups contain no no food protein such as meat, fish or eggs. Nutritionally speaking, soup is hydrating, a natural source of fibre and contains little or no fat.

Soups from season are in your favorite aisle. Ginger, turmeric, coriander and plenty of other flavors to warm you up healthily.

If you want to treat yourself at any time without worrying about freshness, did you know that our Potagez soups and quiches are available in dozens of outlets?

Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have, our workshop in Tubize is also at your disposal!

Our references are now available in the following outlets:

Thank you for your confidence in our Potagez soups and quiches !