Potagez ! is a creation of Notes de mon jardin, the artisanal quiche and soup company set up by Philippe Debra in 1994. At first, he made vegetable tarts for bakeries and grocery shops. A few years later, he became a supplier to a number of top brands. At the end of the nineties, it made a quantum leap in quality by going organic.

In 2007, the soup he used to prepare for scouts made its debut on the Notes de mon Jardin menu. Philippe Debra faced a new challenge: to avoid pasteurisation, which standardises products. He spent a year perfecting the process, after which his fresh soups passed the test with flying colours.

He set about creating original recipes to reveal the richness and diversity of seasonal vegetables.

It was not until 2015 that its own brand Potagez! was launched and offered to consumers.

“Choosing Potagez! is to choose soups and quiches made with organic products that are good, simple and healthy. To be enjoyed with herbs or spices to enhance their flavour.

Our values

Vegetables, organic food and authentic taste

The use of organically grown vegetables brings together important values. Using organic vegetables means supporting production that respects the environment and the people who produce it. We also hope, through our modest contribution, to work against the standardisation of taste.

Working with organic vegetables gives you the opportunity to meet passionate growers. We mainly process seasonal products and favour short supply circuits, i.e. our local producers. Last but not least, the authentic taste of the combination of vegetables is the common thread running through all our soups.

Reduced environmental impact

As a responsible company, we attach great importance to waste management. That’s why we sort and recycle all our packaging and organic and other waste, to limit our ecological footprint.

Daily maintenance is then carried out using enzymatic products, which are more effective and more environmentally friendly. What’s more, the choice of plastic packaging is made with a clear conscience. The pocket allows visual and tactile contact with the product. This packaging also has the advantage of being lighter than a bottle and unbreakable. Compared with a Tetrapack, our packaging has 2.5 times less CO² impact. You can also read Here’s why I made the conscious choice to use plastic.

People and know-how

We attach great importance to listening to our employees. They represent our most precious asset: enthusiasm and craftsmanship! Our products are manufactured using the experience and skills of our team. Continuous in-house and external training in standards HACCP makes everyone aware of their responsibility in the manufacture

Potagez! in figures

Tonnes of fresh vegetables
600L pressure cooker
Organic vegetable types
KG organic spices/year
Seasonal soup recipes
Litres of organic olive oil/year

Philippe Debra

Artisan producer

He learnt the basics of conventional cooking at the hotel school in Namur before moving on to more inventive cuisine. Ever since he discovered natural food, he has been creating original recipes to reveal the richness and diversity of seasonal vegetables.

Isabelle Dierick

Administrative manager

A retired banker, Philippe’s wife has been overseeing the administrative and financial details of the company since 2007.

Isabelle left the services of a major Belgian bank to join Philippe in 2007, and has meticulously overseen the financial administration ever since.

A “foodie”, she took part in the first tastings and was not sparing with the critics.


Pierre Baucher and the whole team!

Since 2022, Pierre has been a director of Notes de mon Jardin, responsible for helping to structure the company and boosting its sales.

The rest of the team is made up of around fifteen motivated people who are looking for meaning, and who have very different characteristics!

Our diversity is a source of wealth!

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